Cancer, also known as malignancy, is an anomalous growth of cells. There are greater than 100 dependable on its types, comprising cancer of skin, lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphoma. Indications vary liable on its type. Cancer treatment may comprise radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery. General classes of cancer-related or contributory agents are as given: toxic or chemical compound exposures, some pathogens, ionizing radiation, and human genetics.

Its symptoms depend on the explicit sort of cancer; while general indications are not very precise the following can be discovered in its patients: weight loss, pain, fatigue, skin changes, change in bladder or bowel function, persistent cough, unusual bleeding, or voice change, lumps, fever, or tissue masses.

There are several tests to diagnose this deadly disease but exact examination is made by biopsy sample of the alleged cancer tissue. Through biopsy examination cancer type and extent of it is determined. Treatment of the disease also varies depending upon the type and stage. Most of the treatment of this disease includes chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.