Description and Mechanism

Dacihep is an innovative medication containing Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride 60 mg as its active ingredient and is used in the treatment of chronic HCV Genotype 3. It works by inhibiting non-structural viral protein 5A (NS5A), which is essential for the replication of Hepatitis C virus. It inhibits the virion assembly and RNA replication in the body.

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This medication is prescribed for treating HCV in patients in combination Sofosbuvir. It should not be used alone and should always be taken along with Sofosbuvir. Regular treatment with this medication has shown tremendous improvement in the condition of patients and infection may also be cured entirely by following this regimen for 12 to 24 weeks.


  • High cure rate with minimum after effects
  • Inhibits viral growth or replication
  • Treats the severest form of HCV
  • It contains Daclatasvir, a direct-acting anti-viral agent


Each film coated Dacihep tablet contains 60 mg Daclatasvir.

Dosage and Administration

  • It should be taken under the strict supervision of an experienced doctor
  • It is usually taken once in a day with or without meal
  • Depending upon the kind of Genotype and severity of infection, the length of the treatment may lie between 12-24 weeks.
  • It is always taken with other prescribed anti-viral medications

Side Effects

However, serious side-effects or reactions are rare on taking this medication. But the patients should immediately consult their doctor, if they observe any severe allergic reaction on taking this drug. A few common side effects of this medicine are: Fatigue, Headache, Insomnia (difficulty in sleeping), Nausea, Anemia, dizziness, etc.

Contraindications and Warnings

  • Tell your health care provider, if you have or had suffered with serious liver, heart or kidney disorders
  • Consult with your doctor, if you are taking any other medication, health supplement or over the counter medicines, or if you are allergic to any of its ingredients
  • Precautions should be taken to avoid pregnancy while on Dacihap as it may cause birth defects


Manufacturer Zydus Heptiza
Brand Dacihep
Active Ingredient(s) Daclatasvir Dihydrochloride
Strength 60 mg
Dosage Form Tablet
Package Size 28 Tabs
Package Type Plastic Bottle
Expiry 1 Year to 2 Years
Indication(s) Hepatitic C Virus (HCV) Infection


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