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Description and Mechanism

Natdac is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of Hepatitic C Virus (HCV) Infection Genotype 1, 3 and 4. It has Daclatasvir as the active ingredient, which is an inhibitor of protein 5A (NS5A). It is prescribed to the patients with chronic HCV Genotype 3 in combination with Sofosbuvir 400mg tablets.
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It works by inhibiting the growth of non-structural protein 5A (NS5A). Therefore, it stops the growth and replication of RNA and virion assembly. It is a revolutionary treatment against Hepatitis C Virus of all genotypes.

Composition and Color

Every film coated drug comprisesDaclatasvir Dihydrochloride or Daclatasvir 60 mg. It is white to yellow in color and it completely soluble in water.


  • Shortest treatment for Hepatitis Virus
  • Effective against HCV Genotype 3
  • Has higher cure rate between 94%-99%
  • Has high tolerability profile
  • Approved by FDA


Dosage and Administration

Natdac should be taken once in day or every 24 hours along with Sofosbuvir for 3 months. It should be consumed orally with a glass of water. It should only be taken under the supervision of an experienced medical practitioner. Depending upon the size of liver damage the period of dosage may vary between 12-24 weeks.

Side Effects

  • Common side-effects of Natdac include: diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, lower back pain, headache,insomnia, fever, side pain
  • Some serious side-effects comprise: rashes, pale skin, hives, edema (swelling), mood deviations, behavior deviations, unnecessary fatigue, irregular heartbeat, breathing difficulty, swallowing trouble, breathing difficulty, andindications of any infection.

Contraindications and Warnings

  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding or willing to conceive
  • You are allergic to its ingredients or Sofobuvir
  • You are suffering with any other liver/kidney disease
  • You are infected with HBV since, this medication can enhance the growth of HBV virus
  • You are taking medication including: antiarrhythmic amiodarone, anticonvulsants such as phenytoin and carbamazepine, digoxin for heart failure, the antibacterial rifampicin, any other antivirals for HIV like St. John’s wort, atazanavir, rosuvastatin for high cholesterol



Manufacturer Natco Pharma
International Brand Harvoni
Indian Brand Natdac 60
Active Ingredient(s) Daclatasvir
Generic Name Daclatasvir
Generic Name Daclatasvir
Strength 60 mg
Dosage Form Tablet
Package Size/th>

28 Tabs

Package Type Plastic Bottle
Expiry 1 Year to 2 Years
Indication(s) Hepatitic C Virus (HCV) Infection


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